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Master Plan

  1. Alba Hotel & Residences
  2. 2 Hotels
  3. 3 Landmarks
  4. 4 Beach Clubs
  5. 5 Piers
  6. 6 Shops, Restaurants, Clinic
  7. 7 Guest Journey
  1. 8 Airstrip
  2. 9 Beach Trail
  3. 10 Laguna Trail
  4. 11 Nursery, Orchard, Ranch
  5. 12 Town
  6. 13 Sea Turtle Sanctuary
  7. 14 Residences
Ubicacion El Tecuan Ubicacion El Tecuan

Our land is synonymous with beauty and wholeness

En Costalegre, Jalisco, México, entre los desarrollos El Tamarindo y Careyes, se encuentran unas hermosas playas de arena dorada, lagunas y especies naturales que distinguen a El Tecuán.

Here we fill our sights with a rich and fertile ocean teeming with life, surrounded by a lush and plentiful tropical forest.

Nearby Cities / International Airports:
  1. 1Guadalajara (4.5 Hrs.)
  2. 2Puerto Vallarta (2.5 Hrs.)
  3. 3Manzanillo (1 Hrs.)

The first of three landmarks uniting beauty and nature

A place where everything is possible, on the beaches of El Tecuán.

Alberto Campo Baeza, the highly-renowned and internationally recognized Spanish architect, together with Mexican architect René Pérez Gómez, were at the helm in developing this unprecedented architectural project, at the confluence of the land's beaches where a trail of rocks leads out to the sea.

Hitos Arquitectonicos