Luxury and exclusivity in a breathtaking setting

“We allow architecture to be sustained by the elements that preceded our existence, those that will remain until long after we are gone. We have managed to materialize an idea that aspires to be eternal, that will persist even as the ever-changing landscape continues to transform.”
- René Pérez Gómez


Four Mexican architecture studios converge their talent, experience and national and international recognition to create this utopia in which living comfortably in and with nature is possible; in which a paradise exists where land, lagoon, sky and sea meet.

Alba's residences reinterpret traditional coastal architecture and feature two to four bedrooms, open spaces, swimming pools, terraces and spaces reserved for both social gatherings and tranquil solitude.


The landscape design proposed by Hugo Sánchez speaks of the Mexican Pacific's enormous wealth of vegetation, of its abundance and dramatic beauty. ALBA residences will be delivered fully equipped and furnished, integrating an incredible interior proposal from the renowned studio Room 116 that adds to its overall unique interior experience, where luxury, comfort and nature coexist in perfect harmony.

Invest in a residence (Choose between a Full or Fractional investment) and be one of the first to become a part of the El Tecuán community.

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Become a part of this landmark moment in essential Mexican Pacific architecture